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How To Charge

1. Charge the Blendy before first use.

2. Ensure a secure connection between the Blendy bottle and its base by firmly tightening them together. Look for the green lights to flash, indicating a successful and properly aligned attachment.

3. Link the USB charging station to a power bank, wall socket, or laptop.

4. To ensure optimal performance, it is recommended to charge Blendy for a minimum of 3-5 hours. This duration guarantees a full charge, allowing you to enjoy uninterrupted blending satisfaction.

5. During the charging process, if Blendy displays red lights, it signifies that it is not fully charged yet. Keep charging until the lights turn green, indicating a complete charge. This ensures that Blendy is ready to deliver its full blending potential.

6. With one full charge, you can enjoy the convenience of Blendy for approximately 20-22 blends. However, please note that the battery life may be shorter when blending ingredients such as nuts or peanut butter. Additionally, blending ice and frozen fruit tends to consume the battery faster. Keep these factors in mind to optimize your blending experience and ensure you have ample battery power for your desired recipes.

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Blendy Answers

How To Add Ingredients

1. Wash the Blendy before first use.

2. To keep your Blendy fresh and ready for the next use, just fill the bottle with water and let it whirr for a quick 30 seconds of self-cleaning.

3. You can easily rinse the blender's base with water for cleaning, but please avoid submerging it in water to maintain its optimal condition.

4. For a thorough cleanse, we recommend washing the bottle part of the blender separately to ensure a deep cleaning experience.

5. Prior to usage, it is essential to ensure that both the base and bottle are thoroughly dried. This step guarantees optimal performance and functionality.

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How To Blend

1. Twist the base firmly onto the Blendy bottle, ensuring a secure attachment, until you observe the green lights flashing. This serves as a visual cue, confirming a successful connection between the base and the bottle.

2. Press the power button at the bottom of the blender base to start.

3. Achieve a perfectly blended concoction by gently tilting the bottle during the blending process. This ensures a consistent blend throughout, leaving you with a smooth and delightful result.

4. The Blendy will automatically shut off on its own after a duration of 30 seconds.

5. For an even smoother consistency, feel free to repeat the blending process. This additional step guarantees a perfectly blended and velvety texture that will satisfy your taste buds.

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